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Asbestos Testing & Assessments in NJ & PA

Asbestos Testing Services in NJ & PA

Dynamic Inspections are EPA accredited and licensed Asbestos Building Inspectors and Management Planners. An asbestos inspection or survey involves thorough examination of buildings, workplaces and other sites for Asbestos Containing Building Materials (ACBM). Our asbestos assessments are accurate and will protect your family. If you suspect exporsure, please do not wait. Contact Us Today!

Asbestos exposure can lead to various medical complications and illnesses. If asbestos is present, EPA accredited Asbestos Building Inspectors and management planners can identify and give solutions to reduce the risk of asbestos exposure.

Asbestos Testing Services Explained

A Trusted Asbestos Testing Contractor

Transparency, guidance, and educational opportunities are all goals we strive for during the home inspection process. As a part of our service, we will help ensure that the home you are buying, or the one you plan on staying in, is safe for your family and will not cause any major or expensive problems in the future. Contact us today with any questions or concerns.

Hazard Analysis:  This is a major component of the asbestos inspection. We attribute a “Hazard Score” regarding asbestos safety and how to properly manage it.

Accredited Asbestos Building Inspectors are required to inspect for ACM (asbestos containing materials); asbestos is present in sheetrock and spackle, wall covering texturing spackle, popcorn ceilings, ceiling tiles, rolled / sheet vinyl flooring and vinyl tiles including 9×9 and 12×12 sizes and in older homes, vermiculite insulation. I’ve even found asbestos in caulk that was present in homes built through 2001.

1. Our Thorough Testing Process

Our professionals will collect samples at your doorstep. Samples will be sent to the laboratory for analysis to determine whether asbestos particles are present. If asbestos is detected, we will provide a comprehensive overview of the entire abatement process along with a market competitive quote.

2. Long-time Asbestos Professionals

With more than 20 years of experience and dedication under one roof, Dynamic Inspections LLC offers a wide variety of asbestos testing services to help you get rid of hazardous minerals and ensure your safety in the process.

3. Always Helping Our Neighbors

Our goal at Dynamic Inspections LLC is to help you achieve regulatory and environmental compliance. We are proud of our long-term relationships in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. From start to finish and beyond, we will be there for you, as we treat each client, big or small, as a valued partner.

When Is Asbestos Testing Required?

When there is Presumed Asbestos Containing Material (PACM) on site and it is going to be remediated. There’s no need to test for it.

If the site is going to be demolished, it must first be tested to see if remediation is required, or if it falls under general demolition / removal. If there is more than 1% asbestos present, it automatically becomes a remediation project that must be completed by a licensed asbestos remediation company.

Top 10 Signs Your NJ Home May Contain Asbestos

Establishing a secure living environment holds paramount importance in residential construction, particularly when it involves the possible existence of perilous substances like asbestos. The Garden State (New Jersey), as well as most of the Northeastern region of the United States, encompasses distinct considerations with regards to construction practices and regulations. Presented below are the leading ten indications that asbestos might be present in your New Jersey or northeastern home construction:

Age of the Property: NJ boasts a rich history, and if your residence was erected prior to the late 1980s, there exists a heightened probability that materials containing asbestos were employed during its construction. Numerous older dwellings in New Jersey were built during an era when asbestos was commonly utilized in diverse construction applications.

Popcorn Ceilings: Popcorn or textured ceilings were prevalent in the past and frequently incorporated asbestos. In the event that your NJ abode exhibits a textured surface on the ceiling, there exists a possibility that it may harbor asbestos fibers.

ceiling with mold

Popcorn ceilings are common in the Northeast!

Vinyl Floor Tiles: Homes erected in NJ before the 1980s often employed vinyl flooring that potentially contained asbestos. Should your dwelling possess vinyl floor tiles or sheet flooring installed prior to this period, it is plausible that they may possess asbestos. This is especially pertinent to homes retaining their original or older flooring that has not undergone replacement.

Insulation Materials: Asbestos served as a commonly used insulating material in attics, walls, and around pipes in older Northeastern residences. Insulation materials exhibiting a fibrous, gray, or fluffy appearance in your abode could indicate the presence of asbestos.

Pipe Insulation: The practice of insulating pipes with asbestos materials was widespread in older homes throughout New Jersey. The detection of frayed, worn, or damaged insulation encompassing pipes might signify the presence of asbestos. This warrants attentive observation, especially during renovation or maintenance undertakings.

Roofing Materials: A multitude of older NJ homes incorporate roofing materials, such as shingles, felt, or flashing, that conceivably contain asbestos. If an extended duration has elapsed since your roof underwent replacement, it is advisable to engage the services of a professional for inspection to ascertain the potential presence of asbestos-containing materials.

Siding and Cladding: Asbestos cement siding enjoyed widespread usage in the past due to its fire-resistant properties, including in numerous residences. In the event that your home features antiquated cement-based siding, there is a possibility that it may harbor asbestos. Caution should be exercised when working with or renovating these types of siding materials.

Textured Paint: Antiquated paints, particularly those featuring textured or popcorn finishes, frequently contained asbestos fibers to enhance texture and provide fire resistance. The disturbance or sanding of these painted surfaces, which commonly transpires during renovation projects, can release asbestos fibers into the air. Homeowners in New Jersey must remain cognizant of this risk and undertake necessary precautions.

Pipe Cement and Adhesives: Asbestos was employed in cement-based products, including pipe cement and adhesives, in diverse home construction applications. Plumbing fixtures or pipes exhibiting cement-based connections that appear aged or original to the dwelling could potentially contain asbestos.

Vermiculite Insulation: Vermiculite insulation, often employed in attics due to its insulating properties, may comprise asbestos. Garden State residences featuring older insulation materials characterized by their pebble-like appearance necessitate professional inspection to ascertain potential asbestos content. If any of the above characteristics exist. Have your home inspected by an asbestos professional. It’s better to be safe than sorry!